Please download and fill out this form below and turn in at the office or to your instructor by the start of your first class.



Studio Rules

• All students must wear a cover-up over their dancewear to and from the studio
• Dance shoes should not be worn outside of the building
• There will be no food or gum permitted on the studio dance floor
• Please do not leave any children unattended in the studio
• No horseplay will be permitted in the waiting areas or studio
• Dancers should arrive ten minutes before scheduled class time and be picked up promptly after class
• Please notify the studio if you will be late picking up your dancer
• If you must pick your dancer up early from class, please send a written notice to the instructor and the instructor will dismiss the dancer from class. No parents will be allowed to disrupt the class
• Teachers reserve the right to dismiss any student from class who continuously disrupts or causes confusion/distractions amongst other dancers
• A parent/teacher conference must take place before a “dismissed student” may return to class

Class Rules

• Everyone MUST be respectful to peers and authority at all times
• All students must respect the structure and teaching style of all instructors
• All students should arrive to class on time
• If a student arrives late, please check in with the office to receive access to class
• Students should come into class fully prepared with hair properly secured and dance shoes on
• No jewelry may be worn to class other than small earrings
• Students must keep talking to a minimum
• Any student who repeatedly disrupts the class will be dismissed from class
• No smoking on premises
• No T-shirts or sweats during class
• Proper undergarments are required

Dress Code

• Mini Movers (Ages 4-12): Black leotard, pink or suntan dance tights, pink ballet shoes, (black wrap ballet skirt is optional). Hair must be pulled back
• Modern Movers (Ages 13-17): Black leotard, pink or suntan dance tights, pink ballet shoes, black biker shorts. Hair must be pulled back

Jazz/Creative Movement:
• Mini Movers (4-12) Modern Movers (13-17) Mega Movers (18 & Up)
Any leotard & dance tights, jazz pants or shorts & dance top. They are to fit the body snug and should not be baggy. Jazz shoes may be black or tan (Slip- ons NO TIES)

• Mini Movers (4-12) Modern Movers (13-17)
All black dance attire, tap shoes may be black or tan

• Mini Movers (4-12) Modern Movers (13-17) Mega Movers (18 & Up)
Athletic shorts or pants with a dance top or t-shirt. Any tennis shoes are acceptable as long as they are not backless. This is the only class in which t-shirts/street clothes may be worn

Work It Out:
• Mega Movers (18 & Up)
Any work out or aerobics attire. Additional waist and/or sweat bands may be worn

• Mega Movers (18 & Up)
Form fitting dancewear that is easy to move in (high heels are optional)

After one week of class students without proper clothing or shoes WILL NOT be able to participate in class

• All parents are required to be added to our mass email list. Please provide an accurate email address on the registration application to receive information and updates on the studio
• We will be sending home a few notices with you and/or your child. Please ask and check dance bags every week to be sure you are fully informed
• Mirror Me Dance website can also be accessed at www.mirrormedancestudio.com for additional information
• Ask your instructor! We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have
• Email us at: MirrorMeDance@yahoo.com
• Informative handouts will also be provided at the reception desk
• If you have any questions, feel free to call the studio during business hours (M-Sat. 8am-8pm) at 225-663-4885
• Opt in for the Remind101 App. Text @mirrorm to (405) 217-4741 to receive instant updates through text messaging
• Follow us on Instagram @mirrormedancestudio
• Like our Facebook page and stay informed with daily updates www.facebook.com/mirrormedance

Class Observations

It is our philosophy that the purpose of dance class is to instruct, not to put on a show. Even the quietest observers do distract students and can make them self-conscious or apprehensive if they are constantly watched. Although parents may want to watch their child, please DO NOT enter the classroom during the course of the class for any reason even if the class is changing shoes or taking a break. Siblings not participating in a dance class must be accompanied by a parent at all times and are not allowed to run or play in any area of the studio. Parents, family, and friends will be allowed to view all the hard work implemented within the classrooms at the Fall and Spring recitals.


Safety for your child is of our utmost concern. All young dancers must be escorted to and from the building. If a health condition exist which will prevent full participation, please notify Mirror Me Dance Studio in writing as soon as possible.
If you child has a virus or has been running fever, please keep him/her at home. Once the fever has been gone for 48 hours then they may return.
Should you and/or your child get hurt during a performance, event, or rehearsal for a performance an on staff certified nurse will be there to assist.
No child will be allowed to leave the studio with anyone other than a parent unless with written notice or phone call from a parent prior to the beginning of class.

Absences & Tardies

When you enroll your child and/or yourself into a class, you are paying us to hold a place in that particular class; therefore each student is expected to attend the entire 6 month dance season.
Regular attendance to class is MANDATORY. If your child is excessively absent for any reason, they may not be allowed to participate in our performance. Excessive is defined as missing more than 5 classes in our 6-month dance season.
Students should avoid missing consecutive dance classes. Teachers will not slow the pace of their class to accommodate a student who does not attend class regularly.

Students who are over 13 years old are responsible for learning new choreography that was taught during an absence. Private instruction may be available at an additional cost; please speak with your child’s and/or your instructor to make these arrangements.
Every year, the dancer who attends class regularly performs the best and excels at a steady pace. One absent dancer not only hurts the progress of the individual, it also inhibits the progress of the entire class.

If your child and/or yourself are more than 30 minutes late for class you will not be permitted to enter.

Accounting and Payment Procedures
An on staff finance manager WILL BE THE ONLY PERSON accepting payments of any form. It will be your responsibility to obtain and maintain a receipt for all payments. In case of a discrepancy regarding cash payments for class registration, dance attire, and/or small purchases within the studio we will not be able to honor them if they are not documented by a receipt.

Forms of Payments for Classes
We accept Visa/MasterCard/ Discover, cashier’s check, or money orders. No cash will be accepted for tuition.

Tuition Cost

Monthly Rate
Rate Per 1 Student

1 Class $65.00
2 Classes $130.00
3 Classes $195.00
4 Classes $260.00
5 Classes $325.00

Every class after the 5th one per week per month is an additional $15.00 per class.

Late Fees

Tuition is to be paid on the first of each month. It will be considered late after the 3rd of the month and a $25.00 late fee will be automatically added on the 4th. If tuition is not paid before the 1st of the next month, your child and/or yourself will be refused admission to class. As each month allows for 3, 4, 5, lessons, tuition will remain the same each month. Mirror Me Dance Studio will operate on 6-month season, (January thru June) and (July thru December).

Cancellation Policy

If your child and/or yourself chooses to opt out of the classes or drop enrollment prior to the end of the 6 month sessions a $250 cancellation fee will be charged.
NO EXCEPTIONS! (Sessions run from January-June and July-December).

Registration Fees
There will be a $35 registration fee for one student in the family and a $45 fee for two or more students in one immediate family per Spring (January thru June) and Fall (July thru December) enrollment.

Recital Fee

To help defray the cost of recital expenses such as the theater rental, technicians, special effects, props, sets, security, ushers, etc., a non-refundable recital fee will be due during each Fall and Spring sessions. Recital fee will be due 2 months prior to Spring and Fall recital performances. There will be a payment plan available for this payment. The cost of the recital fee will depend on the location of the performance. Each student will be given one ticket for entry to the Spring and Fall recitals. All additional tickets will have to be purchased.

Costumes and Fees

Payments for costumes and recital fees are
Costumes are ordered between 4-6 weeks prior to the scheduled recital performance dates. Total cost of costumes will vary depending on the number of classes taken by your child and/or yourself. Therefore, costume accounts not paid in full by the due date
WILL NOT BE ORDERED. If your child costumes are not ordered at the given time we cannot guarantee that the costumes will be received in time for pictures or the performance. Additionally, any costumes that are ordered after our initial order has been placed, there will be an added cost of $25 per costume to compensate for the extra shipping and ordering costs incurred. You and/or your child will have a costume fee for all classes enrolled within.
Costumes are not made custom to each student. Alterations are your responsibility.

Class Enrollment

Ballet is mandatory for all new students enrolling for the first six months for students 17 and under (Mini Movers and Modern Movers). Once the six month period has passed students can choose to opt out.

Cancelled Classes:
Classes with less than five students may be cancelled, combined, or rescheduled at Mirror Me Dance’s discretion.

Schedule Changes:
Changes to you and/or your child’s schedule can be made up until two weeks of the new season.

Studio Closure and Unexpected Interruptions:
Classes may be canceled due to extreme weather or events beyond our control such as power outages, etc. No refunds for lessons missed due to these reasons will be given.

The school reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher if the regularly scheduled teacher is ill or otherwise unable to teach classes. If a teacher is ill and the school cannot arrange a substitute any missed classes will be made-up.

Holiday Closures:
Halloween, Thanksgiving Eve, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day, MLK Day, Mardi Gras Week, Easter, Spring Break (One Week), Veterans Day, Memorial Day.

Age Categories:
Mini Movers ages 4-12, Modern Movers ages 13-17, Mega Movers ages 18 and Up.

We offer dance classes in different genres such as tap, ballet, jazz/creative movement, hip-hop, Seduction (Mega Movers), and Work It Out (Mega Movers). Classes range 1 hour in length.
ALL NEW MINI MOVERS AND MODERN MOVERS ENROLLED IN ANY DANCE CLASSES ARE REQUIRED TO TAKE BALLET. Under NO circumstances will tuition be pro-rated to exclude ballet. We strongly believe Ballet to be the core of a dance education. Many techniques required for tap and jazz are based on ballet technique. We do not expect our students to become prima ballerinas, but we do expect them to understand the importance of ballet in becoming a better jazz, tap, and contemporary dancer.

Private lessons:
If you and/or your child are interested in private lessons it will be discussed on an individualized basis. It must not interfere with classes that have already been scheduled.

Photo Release:
Each parent/guardian and/or adult students will be given a photo release form to sign to grant permission to Mirror Me Dance Studio to take photographs to use in brochures, web sites, posters, advertisements and other promotional materials.

Parent’s and/or Student’s Responsibility
BE INVOLVED! We know that parents are our biggest cheerleaders! It is YOUR responsibility to be aware and remember important dates and events. Mirror Me Dance Studio will post all such notices on the “What’s New” bulletin board as well as sending Newsletters via email. The monthly newsletter will also be available at the studio to take home. It is the parent’s and/or student’s responsibility to regularly check these boards to ensure they are informed. Lastly, it is the responsibility of the parents and/or adult students to inform the school of any address, telephone, or email address change.

We appreciate the opportunity to share our love of dance with your child! We are looking forward to an exciting year. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time throughout the year if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s dance education. There is no doubt that with the cooperation of the staff, students, and parents we can achieve excellence. Welcome to the Mirror Me Dance Family!!!