A Message from the Director:

At Mirror Me Dance Studio, we know you have several options when choosing to invest in your and/or your child’s time in dance education. Our mission is to give a quality dance foundation that promotes a learning environment for the art of dance. We are dedicated to teaching and helping each individual develop skills in dance to further their interest in ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, contemporary, etc. We take pride in all that we do to help individuals learning the fundamentals to become great dancers. The skill of dance takes on the influential development of your mental and physical growth, coordination, poise, grace, and personality. We hope that by enrolling at Mirror Me Dance you intend to take an active part in helping maintain an enthusiastic attitude in dancing and promoting positivity at all times. We trust that your dance experience with us will be a meaningful and fulfilling moment of a lifetime.

-Dawnielle Broussard-Pollard